hello mum gift box


Full content of the hello mum gift box

This special gift box contains all the essentials for a new mum, plus our special ‘hello mum’ letter. It contains two sleepsuits, two vests, two bibs, two hats and a snuggly blanket.

When mum opens the ‘hello mum’ bespoke gift box she will unwrap beautiful sleepsuits. One has a gorgeous hello mum tortoise pattern, and the other an understated plain cream cotton with the hello mum tortoise. The hats, vests and bibs also come with one all over tortoise pattern and one plain cream cotton. Our blanket is reversible, giving mum the choice of showing the all-over print or the plain cream fabric with the hello mum tortoise logo. All garments are made from super-soft cotton and are manufactured in Britain. At the heart of the gift box is the ‘hello mum’ letter (written by Ann) – a sweet message from baby to mum.


hello mum gift box

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