Ann and Jane, creators of the hello mum collections

Meet the creators of hello mum. London-based mother and daughter team Ann and Jane wanted to create something together. Ann wrote a letter ‘hello mum’ – a special message of love and hope which seeks to reassure when even the most precious and joyful occasion of motherhood can be stressful. Jane thought what a lovely name ‘hello mum’ would make for a baby clothing brand for mums all over the world to enjoy. They got to work coming up with designs and made the decision to have everything made in Great Britain. Ann and Jane are adding lovely designs to the collection all the time, so there’s always something new on the way.

Made In Britain – safe and green

We are proud to say that all our beautiful babywear garments are made in Great Britain. The company that produces the cotton fabric for hello mum fulfils our commitment to socio-environmental development. All garments and materials comply with the testing standards required for babywear manufacturing.

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